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The Brooklyn Program/Yoga to Go

is a program of neuro-affective training designed to enhance and awaken human potentials.

The program consists of a series of exercises taken from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) designed to create positive feelings, mood control, enhance choice and build positive self-regard.

The program is rooted in the theories of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow. Its techniques are continually upgraded in light of current neuro-science and user feedback.

The Brooklyn Program/Yoga to Go is a dynamic, personal enhancement tool with solid results in substance use disorders, anger management, performance enhancement, mood control, spiritual exploration, and Personal growth.

It was used for more than five years to treat substance abusers in the Federal Criminal Justice System and is now being used in Australia and other places to enhance creativity, personal direction and to identify purpose.

The Brooklyn Program/Yoga to go is not therapy. It is a system of educational exercises designed to create continuing experiences of personal wellbeing, self-efficacy, self-control and a positive future orientation.

The Program is an affective and cognitive skills training program in which you can expect yourself and your clients to learn the following practical, experiential skills:

    Memory enhancement
    Emotional enrichment
    Emotional control
    Mood enhancement
    Body awareness
    Outcome design
    Future orientation

The program can be provided in the following formats:

  • 16 weeks, one two-hour session per week
  • 8 weeks, two 90-minute sessions per week
  • 4 weeks, two three-hour sessions per week
  • 2 week intensive, one two-hour session per day for ten to 14 days.


In each format we recommend two one-on-one sessions with each participant to ensure that the skills have been fully mastered. Facilitator trainings can be arranged as four-day intensives or to meet your schedule.

The Structure of the Program:

  • The small structure (submodalities) of memory and emotion.
  • Emotion as skill, memories as resources.
  • Creating anchors (conditioned resources), the keys to emotional control.
  • Gaining more depth in felt experience.
  • Awakening (Constellating) the deep Self; using the tools already created to find a deep sense of Self and center.
  • Spreading the wealth; extending these new tools to real life circumstances.
  • On your own; creating new anchors to meet your personal needs.
  • Awakening positive history; finding more resources and connecting with your positive past.
  • Deeper depths, integrating the new elements of personal history into the felt sense of Self.
  • Defining Futures; using the felt sense of Self to create relevant, attainable futures.
  • Stabilizing futures, using Win Wenger's ImageStreaming to clarify the future.
  • Visiting the future; the initiatic final exercise created by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan.

All of these skills are simple and easy to master, any of them can be used alone or as part of the program.

Email for further information.