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Unfortunately, the audio tape of this presentation did not come out well. As an alternative I have provided links to the same information in written form.

Since we spent the largest amount of time talking about framing well formed outcomes, you may want to download the (FREE) PDF book About Addictions.  Read the chapters on well-formed outcomes and using outcomes.  The chapter on MI and the Stages of change will also be interesting. We also touched briefly on the topic of the NLP presuppositions.  In general you may find chapters 1 and 5-8 most interesting.

The Mind Map and exercises as found on the MAP-EAP Conference website are here.

The reference list for the Stages of Change and MI is here.


I mentioned the NLP PTSD Protocol--also known as the V/K D protocol.

The PTSD protocol can be accessed here.

A copy if the technical article on the mechanism of the protocol can be found here.

On embodied consciousness, here is John Bargh's website and here is recent article from the London Independent.

You can also return to the Media Page to access audio tracks for guided meditations into altered states of consciousness.  Please feel free to read through the materials on the Publications Page as well.