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Audio tracks from the June 2011 training at Stensele Kursgard, Stensele, Sweden.

Audio tracks from the June 2011 training at Stensele Kursgard, Stensele, Sweden.RicknLeif sm.jpg

The training took place in nearby Storuman and was hosted by my good friend Leif-Goran
Johannson. For the most part the tracks detail each day's training (there are a few missing sessions).  Process files for the anchoring procedures have been separated out as individual tracks

Stensele Kursgard is a non profit inpatient rehabilitation project for problem youth.  It has been rated as the best in Sweden.  If you find these tracks useful, please consider a contribution to Stensele Kursgard  C/o Leif-Goran Johannson at

The Tracks

June 19 AM1: General Introduction. The Program and its results, Origins of the program; Inspirations--Jung, Maslow; New circuits and general systems theory; the Strong Principle of Change.; Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivators, Mafia lawyer; Richard Alpert.

June 19 AM2:Basic neurobiology of addiction. The mid-brain dopamine system, liking vs wanting; Viet Nam addiction and Rat Parks; New circuits; hierarchies of salience; odor and memory; Exercise One-Enhancing a resource.

June 19 PM1: Exercise One—Language, tonality, pace, etc.; Hypnotic coma; overloading the conscious mind; Fractionation; Criteria for choosing a resource. Submodalities, Resources, Criteria; the nature of focused concentration; wanderings and ADD; Not hypnosis or meditation..

June 19 PM2: Exercise Two—Presuppositions, The five states, Focus and Solid, spirituality, the face and emotion. Criteria, Objections, Process.

June 20 AM1: Exercise three—Anchoring. Classical conditioning; Installing focus. The process—enhancing, anchoring, enhancing. The nature of the states; Choosing non-significant examples. Conditioning and trace conditioning. Pumping the anchor. Breakout instructions-- installing good, fun and yes.

June 20 PM1: [Pending] Review of anchors; Testing the anchors. Exploring the states, gently turning the attention and pumping. Plateaus. Review of exercises and breakouts.

June 20 PM2: Discussion of installation , Names, gestures and descriptions of states, generalization to other contexts; state criteria. Breakout instructions.

June 21 AM1: Discussion of process and application. Archetypal energies; Testing the Anchor. Meditation. Pseudo- orientation in time.

June 21 AM2: Exercise five—Getting to NOW; process; review of experience.

June 21 PM1: Exercise five –hypnotic language; Meditation—New Worlds to gain; Breakout instructions and review.;

June 21 PM2: Discussion of breakouts for New Worlds to gain. Future visions vs amnesia. Positive Resource Day Planner; Homework and generalization;

June 22 AM1: Now and well-formedness criteria. Spirituality and the hierarchy. Meditation---Future perfect.

June 22 AM2: Review of Breakouts. Getting to specific outcomes; the smallest next step. Discussion of one on one sessions. Success criteria. Dealing with slips. Review of research and remaining exercises.

MP3/Process Files: Anchoring a Resource

Enhancing a Resource.

Basic anchoring

Enhancing the anchor

Testing the anchor