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IASH Presentation, Sunday, September 16, 2012

Science you can use: Four Findings from Neuroscience for Understanding and Expanding NLP



Click Here for the Handout

Click Here to listen to or download the audio (MP3)

Click Here  The written version of part one from the UK Conference in July: Current transcript pending.


IASH Pre-Conference Presentation: September 13, 2012

Treating Addiction; Applying NLP to Substance Use Disorders


Click Here for the Handout


The audios for the morning session run about an hour each. I have attempted to break the audios for the afternoon session into shorter but logically consistent units. Their lengths range from about ten minutes to about half an hour. Enjoy.


Please note that many of these tracks involve trances. Some are marked [TRANCE] and some are not. Trance tracks should not be used while driving.

Audios Pending.