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RTM was recently found to be one of only two interventions to effectively treat combat PTSD in Military Service Members and Veterans (Kitchiner, N. J., Lewis, C., Roberts, N. P., & Bisson, J. I. (2019). Active duty and ex-serving military personnel with post-traumatic stress disorder treated with psychological therapies: systematic review and meta-analysis. European journal of psychotraumatology, 10(1), 1684226. doi:10.1080/20008198.2019.1684226).

We invite licensed Mental Health professionals to join us for training in early January at NYU's 42nd Street location. 

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The Road Back--our work with PTSD

New and Important: A listing of scientific references supporting NLP practices and fundamentals.

The new NLP Wiki for accurate information about NLP.

The results of the 2014 NY York PTSD study have been published in the JMVFH

Pauly Cast # 53, Well formed outcomes and addiction.

Rick's recent interview by Paul Dolman on the Pauly Cast #42

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